7 Key Elements to your Amazon Product Page


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High quality Amazon product pages can improve your ranking in the search algorithm and help you sell more books.

During the COVID-19 pandemic Amazon has been the main shop window for millions of book buyers. What are the key elements of the product page where publishers can make the most difference to sales?

Amazon product page - 100 Cookies

Featured book is 100 Cookies: The Baking Book for Every Kitchen, with Classic Cookies, Novel Treats, Brownies, Bars, and More by Sarah Kieffer

Cover image

Amazon recommends ideal dimensions for cover files are 2,560 pixels in height and 1,600 pixels in width. For best quality, particularly on high definition devices, images should be at least 2500 pixels in height. Cover images should be uploaded as JPEG files in RPG colour mode and they should be 72 dpi. Having a placeholder cover is better than the ‘No image available' default photo.

Product description

For an effective description use bullet points and line breaks to help readability. Make sure that you are writing from the reader’s perspective: what would they like to know about your book? Use HTML tags like strong and italics to draw the readers’ attention. Many publishers also include review quotes in this section - typically above the ‘Read More’ prompt and in bold to help them stand out.

Additional images

It is a good idea to take professional photos of the book against a white or plain backdrop from multiple angles. For illustrated or highly designed books this section should also have a selection of inside page spreads. These images should give buyers a good idea of the book as a physical object.

Look inside

This feature provides a way for buyers to flick through your title in the same way they would in a bookshop. The Amazon algorithm also picks up on keywords within the text to push the book up the search rankings. It costs nothing to participate in the Search Inside the Book programme (as Amazon calls it) besides the cost of creating and uploading the digital file.

Review quotes

Whether these go at the top of the product description or in the Review Quotes section, or both, a high profile review or endorsement can help sales. So too can awards won or weeks spent on the Sunday Times bestseller list. A word of warning - these should not go in the title field (see BIC Statement on Best Practice for Title and Subtitle Metadata Fields).

From the Publisher content (sometimes called A+ Content)

Once a paid feature, A+ Content is now free and unlimited for all publishers. Due to the cost of producing the assets however it is best to use this feature for your key titles and bestsellers. Most publishers use some combination of:

  • images from inside the book
  • images of other books in the series
  • lifestyle images
  • review quotes or celebrity endorsements
  • awards won

Amazon A+ content

Amazon Prime

If a book is eligible for Amazon Prime delivery this will show on the product page just above the buy button. Keeping your book in stock at Amazon’s fulfillment centres is the key to making sure it is always available on Prime. Make sure that you are supplying Amazon with realistic sales forecasts and keep an eye on their stock orders.

This is of course a non-exhaustive list of the ways publishers can improve their Amazon product pages. Improving visibility on, and sales through, Amazon is essential for publishers in a pandemic. For more information about using Amazon keywords effectively check out my post on this topic.