How I made my blog


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How I made my blog

When I decided to start blogging I knew that I wanted to build the site myself. I chose to use the Gatsby framework as I had been learning JavaScript for a while and I already had a project built in React.

Gatsby is an open source framework that helps you create a static website easily and quickly.

The Gatsby docs have a tutorial that can get you started with a blog site within minutes. The Gatsby Starters Library has templates for e-commerce, portfolio, blog and other sites.

Gatsby site

To make the site I followed this YouTube tutorial closely. The creator, Andrew Mead, has more courses on the JavaScript ecosystem on his blog. I also had a lot of fun with the whole open source ecosystem around Gatsby including the many plugins.

Challenges ⛰️

There were many things I found difficult about the project.

  • I struggled with the conceptual difference between components and pages. This meant I had code on my pages that should have been in components.
  • I used CSS modules but there were still too many styles in the global scope. Remembering to write classNames in the JSX way was another headache.
  • Basically anything that didn’t follow the tutorial exactly…This taught me a lesson about understanding the code (and not simply copying it) before I tried to build on or debug it.

Things I like ❤️

  • I’m still pleased with how the site looks and performs. I like the minimal design and Gatsby’s speed makes browsing pleasingly snappy.
  • It’s easy to add posts and markdown is a distraction free and intuitive writing experience.
  • It works well with Netlify which is a super efficient and easy to use hosting platform.

Things I want to add 🚧

There are of course things I want to add to or improve about the site.

  • Security vulnerabilities are the most urgent. One drawback of the framework is that it has a bunch of dependencies that have to be maintained and in some cases replaced.
  • I would like to create a reusable sidebar component to abstract some of the site’s duplicated code.
  • It would be great to have pagination on the blog index page and set a maximum number of listings per page.

I enjoyed developing with Gatsby and I would make another site with the framework. I hope that I’ll have enough time soon to make the improvements I listed above. If you have any questions about the process let me know on Twitter at @MollyBloom1989

Good luck with your projects!